BlackHawk Aero 1000 4-Stroke Package Deal


BlackHawk’s ALL NEW Aero 1000 EFI 4-Stroke WITH water-cooling puts the “power” back into “Powered Paragliding!” This ultra-tough 4-stroke has been revered by aviation enthusiasts as “one of the finest aviation 4-stroke motors of its kind in production today.” For cross-country Pilots who are looking for a reliable motor, the Aero 1000 will go the distance and keep you flying for years to come!

Complete Package Deals From BlackHawk INCLUDE: Your choice of BlackHawk Paramotor, Velocity Core Paraglider, Industry-leading 2 year warranty, propeller, flight harness, carabiners, glider stuff-sack, BlackHawk T-Shirt & Hat, wind sock, prop covers, tool kit, glider & line repair kit, Paramotor Bible, fuel mixer, quart of synthetic 2-stroke motor oil, and more. Quad or Trike Packages include all components needed to fly with a wheeled platform!

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Engine:  BlackHawk Aero 1000 EFI 4-Stroke
Cooling:  Water-Cooled
Bore/Stroke:  75 / 56.5 mm
Displacement (CC’s):  250 cc
HP:  35
Max RPM:  9500
Reduction Type:  Reduction Belt With Centrifugal Clutch
Cylinder Head:  4 Valves per Cylinder – DOHC on Roller Bearings
Lubricating System:  Dry Sump With Diaphragm
Approx Thrust:  250 Lbs*
Electric Start Method:  Digital CDI With Rev-Limiter
Fuel Tank:  3.2 gal Tank (Dual Tanks Available With Quad)
*See Notation Below For US Fuel-Capacity Regulations*
Fuel Consumption Per Hour:  1 Gallon/hr (4.3 liters)!!
Fuel Pump:  Vacuum Pump Integrated in Engine Housing
Frame options: Ultra-Tough LowBoy III Cage
Engine ONLY Dry Weight:  83 Lbs (37.6 Kg)
*Oil Change Every:  25 Flights or Hrs.
MAX PILOT WEIGHT: 600 Lbs. (272 Kg)

**OIL CHANGE SCHEDULE: For FIRST RUN MOTOR BREAK-IN, oil should be changed at 3 hours run-time. After break-in, follow a normal schedule of changing approx. every 25 flights (or hours). Check oil level before EVERY flight (run engine at idle for 10 seconds – stop engine and check oil level). ONLY USE MANUFACTURER-RECOMMENDED OIL.

*US FUEL REGULATIONS NOTICE: BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc sells Powered Paragliding Equipment globally. In most other countries, there are not regulations on maximum fuel capacity. If you purchase a BlackHawk INTRUDER in the United States, you are required by law to not exceed 5 US gallons of fuel at any given time.

The Aero 1000 EFI 4-STROKE Paramotor:

BlackHawk’s ALL NEW Aero 1000 4-Stroke engine WITH water-cooling & EFI puts the “power” back into “Powered Paragliding!” This ultra-tough 4-stroke has been revered by aviation enthusiasts as “one of the finest aviation 4-stroke motors of its kind in production today.” Prior to commercial application, hundreds of Aero 1000 engines were tested in both aviation & extreme-racing conditions to literally “perfect” this engine. The Aero 1000 EFI 4-Stroke weighs & costs about the same as many of today’s modern 2-stroke motors, yet it features the RELIABILITY you would expect from a high-performance aviation-grade 4-stroke motor! The Aero 1000 is extremely fuel-efficient and drastically reduces emissions.

Featuring Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI): The Aero 1000 EFI 4-Stroke automatically monitors and adjusts itself for air density, thereby eliminating the need for constant carburetor adjustments. EFI also provides a smoother running engine, more power, and dramatically increases fuel efficiency. This combined with water cooling, puts this engine at a level unseen in Paramotoring before.

The new Aero 1000 EFI 4-Stroke Paramotor was designed to handle the demands of Pilots who want to go the distance. Cross-country Paramotor Pilots can fly with the performance of a high-tech racing engine, and the unmatched reliability of a 4-stroke motor! In the recent past, 4-stroke Paramotors were heavy, complex, and costly. The Aero 1000 changes all of that! This new 4-Stroke also increases fuel efficiency beyond anything we’ve seen in a motor of this class! Welcome to the lightest, most relabel, and most affordable 4-Stroke engine this sport has seen for its displacement! In fact the Aero 1000 engine (INCLUDING the battery, exhaust, electric start, carb, oil, & water) weighs the equivalent of many 2-strokes on the market today!

You want long-lasting with minimal maintenance? The Aero 1000 EFI 4-Stroke is equipped with a timing chain and ALL rotating parts inside the bloc have roller or needle bearings. The Aero 1000 is water-cooled, achieving an average of 140* running temperature at level flight (compared to 380-500* in 2-Stroke motors)! All these little things add up to increase the lifetime of a 4-stroke. In fact, the Aero 1000 Manufacturer recommends an engine rebuild at 500 hours which is unheard of with a 2-stroke motor.

The simplicity, dependability, and durability of the new BlackHawk Aero 1000 EFI 4-Stroke is just another example of how BlackHawk Paramotors continues to reinvent aviation. If you are in the market for a NEW Paramotor with the absolute latest Industry technology, it doesn’t get any “newer” than the 2019 Aero 1000 4-Stroke!

This engine recommended for a MAXIMUM TOTAL PAYLOAD of 600 lbs. (272 kg.)

**Comes Standard with the LITE TRIKE.

QUESTIONS? (209) 786-7899

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