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This is a MUST-HAVE item for all pilots. BlackHawk Kiting Harnesses are manufactured to the highest standards, using only the highest-quality materials. These Paramotor Kiting Harnesses are designed to last a lifetime. Extra padding in the shoulder & leg straps allow pilots to kite for hours without the “uncomfortable chafing” caused by other brands. If you are purchasing a Paramotor from BlackHawk Paramotors USA, we highly recommend adding a Kiting Harness to your purchase.

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BlackHawk Velocity Kiting Harness For Paramotor Powered Paragliding Training


Many people who are saving up to purchase a Paramotor don’t realize that they can get a head-start on their skills with a Kiting Harness. BlackHawk Paramotors has DVD’s available to show beginners the correct way to control a Paraglider with a Kiting Harness. This will give students a foundation of skills and accelerate the actual training process. If this interests you, contact us for gear recommendations.

Paragliding and Powered Paragliding are “perishable” skills, meaning, if you don’t use it – you lose it! Many pilots go through periods of bad weather or busy schedules, preventing them from flying as often as they desire. It’s very important to keep your kiting or ground-handling skills fresh. Not only for personal safety, but to prevent unnecessary damage to your equipment.

Many pilots who purchase a new Paraglider just go out and start flying it. There is a learning curve to ALL Gliders, as they all respond a little differently. Moving up to an advanced glider (if you have been flying a beginner-friendly glider) causes an even greater learning curve. We recommend that all pilots spend as much time as possible “kiting” a new Paraglider prior to flying it for the first time. Again, this comes down to personal safety. It’s a lot easier to kite a glider with a Kiting Harness, rather than doing it with the weight of a Paramotor on your back. For pilots who have only flown Paramotor Quads and have purchased a new wing, it’s even more important to get used to how the glider responds prior to flight.


Kiting a Paraglider is GREAT exercise, and by kiting in a variety of conditions, your skill as a pilot will increase exponentially. Take your Paraglider to the beach on a low-wind day, go to your favorite park, or take it with you when you travel out of town. For pilots who live on the coast, it’s important to get experience kiting inland, so remember to take your glider with you.

*Always practice kiting under the direct supervision of a qualified Instructor. Need help finding one? Contact us today.

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