Paramotor Gauges SET + 3D Printed Bracket!


NEW From BlackHawk! We are excited to feature a custom 3D Printed Gauge Bracket, a Trail Tech Tachometer, & an Engine Head Temperature Gauge in a single kit! Keep your motor running smoothly and know if there’s a problem BEFORE it becomes a “real problem.” Universally works with almost any Paramotor on the market! For best results, make sure product instillation is completed by an Authorized BlackHawk Dealer.

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Paramotor Tachometer & Temperature Gauge Buy Online

TTO Head Temperature Gauge WITH Extension:

  • TTO digital temperature gauge allows you to easily monitor your engine’s temperature
  • Available for water cooled applications
  • There is a 5-year internal battery so there is no need to connect to power
  • Temperature Meter 19mm Inside Diameter (I.D.) Hose Sensor
  • Orange

TTO Paramotor Tachometer:

  • Works on all gas engines (including fuel injected 4-cycl engines
  • Tracks total hours on motor, non-resettable
  • Measures tach up 20,000 RPM in real time
  • Remembers max RPM, resettable
  • Spinning arrow activity icon



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