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Velocity Paragliders USA brings you the most efficient Tandem / heavy-lift paraglider on the market today! The Velocity VeRvE is a state-of-the-art tandem paraglider – suitable for Flight Schools, beginners and adventurists. Not to mention, it’s also an exceptional free-flight (PG) wing.

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MEET THE VeRvE: The most efficient Tandem / heavy-lift paraglider on the market today! The Velocity VeRvE is a state-of-the-art tandem paraglider – suitable for Flight Schools, beginners and adventurists. Not to mention, it’s also an exceptional free-flight (PG) wing. The VeRvE was designed as an “EN-B” and “LTF-B” style glider. Versatile by design, The VeRvE can be used for single or tandem flight. Call us to order your Velocity VeRvE today! (Custom logo gliders for business/personal advertisement available – contact us for details!)

THE VeRvE FEATURES a QUAD (4) riser system. The “A” risers are clearly marked with a red cover, as well as a line leading down to a red mailon (for “Big Ears).” The lines are constructed from the highest-quality Kevlar & Dyneema – with a sheathed cover. We made the brake lines extra long to allow for Pilots to decide the perfect placement.

AS YOU CAN SEE The VeRvE is packed with Velocity’s proprietary technologies like (DRR) Delron Reinforcement Rods, (SNT) Smart-Nose Technology, (EPE) Enhanced Profile Efficiency, and more. You can read a little more about these technologies below. The result is a lightweight, robust, extremely efficient Tandem Paraglider that takes off with ease.

FLYING THE VeRvE: Boasting an incredible 9:1 glide ratio, the efficiency of the VeRvE will quickly make it a standard or “go-to” glider in the Cross-Country PPG & PG community. The combination of unbeatable flare-authority and profound energy-retaining characteristics will provide for extremely mellow landings. The “in-flight” characteristics of The VeRvE are as beautiful as its design. This glider has the BEST performance (in normal trip position – without any brakes) of any tandem paraglider we’ve tested. With slight brake pressure, The VeRvE handles thermals and turbulence extremely well. Turns are very coordinated & efficient.

THE VeRvE IS SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS: and will easily accommodate Intermediate Pilots who want to push the limits of their skills. This glider will take you from the basement to the ceiling of the second story with ease. Beautiful design, unmatched performance, and extreme durability… Now THAT’S everything that Velocity Paragliders USA stands for.

NOTE: This is a Tandem / heavy-lift paraglider by design. Please check local laws and regulations before flying Tandem. THIS GLIDER WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR ACROBATIC FLIGHT!


  • Velocity’s Anti-Torque Technology (loop-within-a-loop)
  • Newly added DuPont Delrin (acetal polyoxymethylene) battens
  • 9:1 high efficiency glide ratio
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Split A’s for easy riser handling in forward or reverse launching
  • Super easy launching in no wind conditions
  • High performance design for XC flight
  • Excellent centering graphics make launching so easy
  • Swivels on brake lines to prevent tangling
  • High quality Brake pulleys
  • Clean crisp turning and high energy flair landings
  • DRR, SNT, DTR, DEP, LWL TECHNOLOGIES (Highlighted below)
  • Two year warranty*


34 – 198lbs – 661lbs (90kg – 300kg)

39 – 243lbs – 661lbs (110kg – 300kg)

42 – 265lbs – 750lbs (120kg – 340kg)

44 – 287lbs – 838lbs (130kg – 380kg)

NOTE: ABOVE IS A GENERAL SIZE GUIDE – In deciding which glider size is appropriate for you, things like elevation, EQUIPMENT, and age DO play a factor in sizing. Please talk to your Authorized BlackHawk Dealer or contact us with any questions prior to ordering your wing. BlackHawk is always here to help you maximize your Powered Paragliding experience with BlackHawk!




CONTACT US: (209) 786-7899


Hey Mike and Team,

Below is a little blurb for the Verve:

“The Verve is a very unique glider. I bought a 34 meter to be used as a high wind glider for my tandem paragliding business. It is the fastest tandem glider I’ve ever flown. Despite its speed, it’s easy to slow down for tight, technical landings. Lastly, the brake pressure is exactly what I want in a tandem glider. It’s incredibly light for standard turns and gets firmer when doing more aggressive maneuvers.”

Some off the record thoughts:

I can see how this glider would be awesome for tandem PPG flights. It comes up really quick. For strong wind tandem, free-flight, it comes up too fast, but I expected that might be the case. I remedy that by clearing the lines, then launching it from a semi-rosette or pulling it in evenly by the trailing edge. I can’t wait to fly it with wheels. I think it’ll really shine under power.

I love the weight of the glider (hardly anything), I love the speed of it (fastest tandem on the coast), and I love the way it turns. I do wish it had a bit more feedback in the brakes, but under power, this is not as important. I think the lack of feedback is a trade-off for the speed due to the reflex profile.

I’ve been thinking about getting some kind of trike or quad that I keep here in Thailand. This is the glider that I’d fly with it! At this point, it’s still a thought as I explore the PPG scene here in Thailand.

Hope all is well on the ranch,
Mark Zinkel
Live from a random cafe in Southern Thailand

Mark Zinkel, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer

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