You have found it!


To claim your prize, please text our Sales Director Heidi Lee: (209) 418-5990 and let her know which specific page you found the picture on. The very first person to text (or call) with the correct location will win. Once the prize has been claimed, we will do our best to update this page immediately to notify others that the prize has been claimed.

*Tachometer can only be shipped to the US. Must be 18 or older to participate. Promotion will run through July 1st 2019, or until prize is claimed. BlackHawk employees or Dealers are not eligible to win prize.



Paul was the first person to find the Eagle on our store! The Eagle is located on our “Air-Box Hose Clamp” product page (We will leave it there for a little while so people can see where it was). Prize has been claimed as of 6-11-19. Thank you all for participating in our hunt! Stay tuned in with our Newsletter for more opportunities to win prizes from BlackHawk!