• Velocity Core 2 Paraglider


    Velocity Paragliders USA is excited to officially announce the NEW 2021 Core 2 Paraglider! After many months of testing and feedback from Pilots across the nation, production of this new beginner / intermediate SEMI-REFLEX glider has begun. Call us to order your Velocity Core 2 today!

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  • The Velocity Ultra-Lite Reserve Parachute has become one of the best-selling Reserve Chutes in the industry.  This is due to it’s “Ultra-Lite” weight, highest-quality construction, and unbeatable value.  Reserve chutes are like the airbag in a car… Hopefully they will never be deployed, but in the rare case they are needed, they CAN potentially save your life. 

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  • Velocity VERVE Paraglider


    Velocity Paragliders USA brings you the most efficient Tandem / heavy-lift paraglider on the market today! The Velocity VeRvE is a state-of-the-art tandem paraglider – suitable for Flight Schools, beginners and adventurists. Not to mention, it’s also an exceptional free-flight (PG) wing.

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